Davines Essential Haircare DEDE Shampoo Bar 3.53oz

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Davines Essential Haircare DEDE/shampoo bar is a delicate daily solid shampoo for all hair types.

Why choose Essential Haircare solid shampoos?

Davines solid shampoos are the conscious choice for those who look for the enduring quality of the Essential Haircare formulations, kept in essential packaging with a low environmental impact, able to offer hair gentleness, silkiness and compactness at the same time.

Features & Benefits:

100% paper wrapping, with minimized use of materials

100% recyclable packaging

Produced with a lower logistical and transport impact, thanks to the smaller volume compared to a traditional shampoo

The CO2 generated by the raw materials, production, packaging, transport, and final disposal of the solid shampoos is offset through the EthioTrees reforestation project

Highly biodegradable formulas from 97.1% to 97.4%* to minimize impact on the aquatic environment

Practical use and transport wherever you like, at home, to the gym, on the go...

1 Shampoo bar = 300mL

Duration of use: between 30 and 40 washes**

*Calculated in accordance with the OECD 301 method which defines as readily biodegradable ingredients which, in 28 days, have degraded to at least 70%.

**The number may vary according to hair density, length and washing habits.

Wet the solid shampoo with water, rub on to palms to create lather and apply on wet hair.
Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.
Apply the most suitable conditioner if needed.

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